Monday, July 23, 2012

When one door closes....

It's because your what you were supposed to learn or taught, is complete.  That person/job/event in your life has served it's purpose.  Interesting concept right?  But think about it.... Haven't you stayed in a job longer than you should have?  Remained in a relationship we know has rounded the course simply because we feel guilty, or are comfortable?  Think about how you felt when you left those things.... you always had some crucial take aways, things you "would never do again", people you met that taught you so much.... Every experience has a purpose in your life.

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging.... wish it hadn't been so long.  We can call them "distractions" if you will.  But maybe they were lessons I needed to learn.

My favorite thing about this thing we call life are all the never ending lessons to learn.  Once we think we have life figured out, we get a giant curve ball thrown right through our window of complacency.

Funny though, it always has a message attached.  Sometimes it needs to be configured, but once it is, you realize that there are so many other better windows.... clearer glass.... you wonder how you actually could see out of the cloudy glass that was there before.

If you haven't heard of Iyanla Vanzant, you are missing out.  She's written several books that for sure, make you think.  Here are a few of her quotes:

It is never too late to change your mind. As soon as you realize the need to make another choice, admit it to yourself, and then do it.

You don't always have to have something to do. Don't rush. Conserve some of your resources for yourself.

There can be no change without chaos. All real, lasting change comes as a result of trembling at the foundational level of what exists.

You cannot get to where you are going until you have learned all there is to learn about where you are. Everything and everyone that is available in the place you are in right now has something to teach you or something to give you.

When people treat you badly, harshly or inappropriately and you accept it, there is an important question you must ask yourself; "Why am I still so angry with myself that I would subject myself to this kind of treatment?"

Good stuff for the mind, and the soul.

Remember these things... think about them when life is handing you something that is uncomfortable.

 It's life trying to get your attention.  Trying to show you it's time to make a change.  We are creatures of habit and change initiates concern, uncomfortable feelings..... Think back on every "unpleasant" event in your life.  Wasn't there always a lesson learned?  Didn't you always grow?  Wasn't there always something "better around the corner"?

 I am learning to accept these moments of "difficulty" as exciting times.  And remember that I have no idea what I am doing in life.  And really, neither do you.  We are all just along for the ride.... sit back and try to enjoy!  This is the only one you get....

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