Thursday, April 12, 2012

Letting go...

How does one let go? 

letting go of your past relationship pain/experiences so that you can move forward.  not having someone else in a new relationship pay the price for your past.

letting go of the resentment of a really hard decision you have to make that will effect you for the rest of your life

letting go of blaming others for where you are in your life

letting go of what others "did to you"

letting go of all the moments that you want to feel sorry for yourself.

letting go of fear of the unknown so you can allow your heart to fall in complete and unconditional love while allowing someone to love you back

Do any of these sound familiar to you?  Has anyone mastered these?  What is the secret?

It almost seems like we become our own worst enemies in these situation.  It's like the old analogy, if you get kicked in the face, move away from the foot!  But in the cases above, it seems you have to risk getting kicked again in order to find authenticity, happiness, clarity...

I've talked about becoming your true authentic self in several of my blogs.  I don't know if anyone else is trying this, but it really is difficult.  The most difficult thing about letting go, and getting rid of the voices that keep you from being authentic, is self confidence.  You have to be 100% confident in every decision to do those things.  And I haven't ever met someone who is that confident.  It just doesn't exist.  We are human and we always question ourselves, and really most decisions we make. 

The art of letting go seems to have a reset button associated with it, an escape key.  We experience something, whether it's pure unforgiving heartbreak, therefore don't feel it's worth the risk to try again (never finding true love), or making a bad financial decision or professional decision, and don't trust our own judgement to make the right one next time simply repeating the pattern.  I assume to master this, with every mistake, you hit reset.  You try again.  Waiting to hit the nail on the head...

I have to say I am coming into this... I'm learning.  The best cheerleader I've found for this is myself.  I can talk myself into something, but I sure as hell can talk myself out of ANYTHING.  (see reference to own worst enemy above).

Here's the thing I've recently learned, God has a plan for us.  We have no idea what it is and quite frankly, have no control over it.  Ever heard, "God laughs while we make plans"?  Yes, we control what physical decisions we make in our lives but worrying about the inevitable is wasteful stress.  Make your decisions, want to be happy, if something feels good... just go with it.  If it doesn't work out, guess what, you didn't die last time, and you won't die this time.  However, every single experience we go through has some sort of lesson associated with it.  Think about all of the things you have personally been through in your life.  All of that really really bad stuff you push away and don't think about on a daily basis on purpose.  Those things taught you something.  You are the person you are because you went through that and you were supposed to go through those things because your soul needed to learn something.  Don't let those lessons be keeping you from being happy.  Use those lessons to mature in life, and master your compassion for others. 

I've learned a lot of damn lessons in my life, and I'm not going to lie, I'm stubborn as shit.  And I've learned every one the hard way.  I can sit and say I didn't have any guidance, no one showed me, I never knew....but ultimately I had control over every one of those decisions and how I went about making them.  But if I promise anything to myself for the next few years, it's the implement those lessons in a positive way and to stop letting those lessons weigh me down, and effect my life in a negative way. 

Seems deep?  Well, dig down.  Surface level garbage isn't going to take you to the next level....  Get to diggin'.

Shoveling away,