Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If you think you can't do it...... YOU MUST.

It's interesting to sit and reflect on your life every few years and think about where you've been, and where you are going.   It's definitely an interesting experience for me personally, because I could never imagine I would be where I am today.  Most of my family, not so lucky.

But I do remember thinking, KNOWING, I would never "be able to..." so many things.  I defy myself over and over again.  I think the key here is to aim higher than you ever think possible.  A friend told me that they were going to aim higher than ever so that when they settle somewhere just below, it'll be the most amazing place.  I have to agree here.

But when you think so big, it can be overwhelming.  I mean, looking 250 steps in advance, it's a little difficult to take the first step.  The thing is... every journey does begin with the first step.  How cliche'?  Yep.  and sooooooooooo true.  Because years down the road when you look back, you'll see that you've accomplished those goals, or you are well on your way.  You won't even remember taking that first, 20th or 100th step.  It'll seem like a lifetime ago. 

Fear and intimidation are the devil's way of keeping you down.  YOU HEAR ME?!  You want something, you get it.  Whether you can get it in one hour, one month, one year or a lifetime.  Because when you get "it", the reward won't be what you thought it would be... it won't be the goal.  It will surely be all the life long lessons learned along the way.  All of the people you met, who are now a part of your life forever that helped you get there.  And all of the memories you made with each step.  The "it"  you began your journey for won't even really matter anymore.  It'll be a reward of so many other gifts received.

It won't be easy, you'll have to take risks, leave people behind, face judgments and jealousy from others.... but those are the times when you'll learn the most about who you are, who is in your life, and what you deserve.

So when you hear someone say all of those cliche's that drive you up the wall, remember, every journey begins with one step.... and every single thing in life can be yours with just a little patience, a bit of optimism, and a lot of support... only of your choice though.  Always surround yourself with those you want to be like; whether it's monetarily, of the same faith, morally, or professionally. 

The path of least resistance is for sure, not always the best.  And usually the worst.

Sitting around complaining and blaming and filling the world with your negative energy is only pushing those who can benefit you and support you away the most.  It's not only wasting your time, but anyone else who is in earshot's time too.  If you put more energy into obtaining your how much faster it arrives....

Confucius for the day,


Monday, February 6, 2012


Faith.   Think about this for a second.  What does Faith mean to you?  Most of the time in society faith is used in terms of religion.  Because you can't see it, you can't touch it, but you know it's there. 
 What is the opposite of this?  I would say fear of the unknown.  So is the definition of faith really embracing the unknown?  Why does this always have to relate to religion?  I have faith in God.  He's shown me why.  I'm not here to exemplify why I feel that way, or prove to someone why that is. It's Mine.  However, I think that faith is an under-used word/emotion that we need to explain and define more.

Faith is our way of accepting the present, because we can't predict the future.

Think about faith.  You really have it in every aspect of your life.  Here are some examples:

You have faith that the job you are in will either a) get you to point B or b) maintain your life until the next chapter determines where you go. 

Don't you have faith every. single. year December 31st, that next year will be THE year?  You don't know, but you have faith that that's when everything positive that hasn't happened yet, will happen.

You have faith that you have chosen the right life partner.  The right "Life Style" if you will.  Because isn't the person you choose to be with the life style you embrace as well?  If who you love doesn't influence your life I don't know what else does more.

You use faith as a reason to explain why you're life has brought you to this "place".   I dated someone once (or twice...three times a...) :P  that said to me they thought faith was an emotion that people used as an excuse to explain all of the bad things that happened in their life.  That people who had "faith", whether it was in God/Religion, or in the exquisite phrase, "everything happens for a reason" was just a fools way to make themselves feel like they had a place in a world of unforgiving experiences. 

Let that one sink in for a second.

That one almost got me.  I thought about that for days, years really.  Until I realized that my opinion on that explanation, was that it was horseshit.  That was a cynics way of thinking themselves into such a negative state of mind, the only way they could feel better about those who were happy, "even though...." so many things had happened to them.....they really are hopelessly jealous of that feeling of contentment.  It's their only way to explain why they AREN'T. 

Ahem.  Ok.  I've gotten off track.

You have faith that when you get in the car, you'll pay attention enough, the other people on the street will pay attention enough, to keep you safe.

You have faith that tomorrow will be another day.  So even though you are mad about XYZ, you'll just deal with it tomorrow. 

You have to have faith that every decision you chose to make is the best one for you, your life or your situation.

You have faith that one day your body will just be okay with everything and will stop trying to "find all the answers".  I hate to tell you, but this is the journey folks.  Have faith, I do.  But one day you'll realize that this road you are speeding down, trying to "get through" is it.  This is it.  And those Faith-less people who hate on acceptance of experience, will wish they had a little more Faith that this is their life, and honestly, they need to take the lead role.  This was some of the most profound advice anyone's ever given me. 


So have faith.  Your faith.  In whatever it is you have faith in.  Don't look to others for acceptance or relatability of your faith.  Just know that faith is a calmness.  If you choose to share it in church, in friendships, in relationships... if you chose to identify with others through faith.... amazing.  If not, remember it's yours.  and you define it. 

Feeling a little pensive tonight... no apologies.  I have FAITH you'll either identify or relate to this in some way :)

Faithfully inspired while writing,