Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I see, you see, we all see......

Problems are vision tests. They remind us to look beyond what we see on the outside to what we know on the inside. They challenge us to broaden our perspective and alter our approach to life. Sometimes a change of perspective may be all that it will take to transform a painful, frustrating, or shameful experience into an empowering growth experience. -Iyanla

Carrie Underwood got it right when she asked Jesus to take the wheel.  You feel me?  Life is about so many different ups and downs.  You never know when either will smack you right in the face.  I think one of most common problems is that we all try and drive our life.  What we fail to realize is that we have very little control over our lives, the direction it takes, and the path it drives you towards.  The only thing we have control over, is perspective.

We have no idea what it is we have left to learn, need to experience, or what the future holds.  What I know for sure is that God gives us messages through experiences.  If you are having a "bad" or "negative" experience, that is God talking to you.  Trying to tell you, NOPE.  That ain't it.  But when we continue to try and drive or steer in the direction we THINK we are supposed to go, or we WANT to go.... it doesn't work out. 

Letting go and letting "life" or the divine drive.... going along for the ride.... allowing life to speak to you through experience is unlearning the behavior we were tall taught as a child.  We were always taught that our choices drives our experiences, that we have control over our lives, and this just isn't the case.  We do have choices and we do have control, but ONLY over our perspective, our perception of the situations life presents to us.  THAT IS ALL.  No matter what hand we are dealt, we can overcome anything with a little attitude adjustment, a little shift in the way we see things.  This is the only reason I have broken the cycle of my history.  I got tired of being tired.  I got tired of blaming everyone else for my problems.  I got tired of being "upset".

So the next time life presents you a shitty situation, something really fking hard to face, an experience you were not ready for or do not think you deserve.... be grateful.  Quiet.  Listen.  And get excited to learn from it.  God is trying to tell you to take it to the next level.  He is challenging you to climb those stairs of life.  Picking your leg up and actually stepping up is the hard part.  But when you get to look back, the vision of who you used to be is motivating....

Look at life with a BRING IT ON, kind of attitude.  Every experience, every situation, every person that challenges you in life is a blessing to be able to grow, mature and conquer. And the funny thing is, it's ALWAYS on purpose. Never let the situation take over your happiness.  Give it a minute, a day.... and then put your gloves on.  You are the only one who will consistently fight for you.  You are the ONLY one who can shift your happiness to allow your experiences to challenge you to learn positively.

Straight from the horses mouth,