Monday, November 11, 2013

Inspiring Questions....

How can you receive without asking?

I've met a lot of people in my life, been blessed really to have come in contact with so many different types of people from all walks of life.  I've travelled a lot, and I am constantly asking people questions.  If you know me at all you know that I am always curious about people's story.  What do those miles in their shoes say?  Mostly because I want to learn.  I am always hoping to gain a bit of knowledge I didn't have before, maybe a little perspective....(word of the blog!)... maybe see things in a way I haven't seen before. 

I have to say, more so women than men, have a lot of regrets.  Things they "wished" they did, that they "could" do.  "Oh I could never wear that..."  There are many things just life related.  But also professionally.  Are women just ok with being mediocre at work?  Or do they not have enough self esteem to think they could be runnin' 'ish???  I mean, I'm just wondering.


Have you asked your husband to go on a trip?  Have you asked if the family could take care of the kids while you take care of yo'self and your marriage?  Have you asked your boss for more responsibility and a raise?  Have you asked for more knowledge in your profession?  Cause ladies (AND MEN OF COURSE), Life comes at you fast.... and for everything else.... YOU HAVE TO ASK.

How do you expect to get what you NEED, or even what you WANT, without asking?  Men can't read your mind.  Hell, WOMEN can't read your mind.  No one knows what you are thinking.  One of the worst things women do in my mind is assume.  Yeah- I said it.  And assuming makes an ass out of you and whoever else you are coming in contact with.

I challenge you that the next time a friend asks you to do something with them, your husband asks you to travel somewhere... try and do it.  Try and live life to the fullest.  One day you are going to turn around and be old and crusty and "wish you had........."

Unhappy at work?  ASK FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  Seek something different.  Whether it is internal or elsewhere.  Times are tough and no one is going around handing out life.  I don't have bits of your life in my purse to hand out... as you don't of mine.  As Sheryl Sandberg says, "Lean IN"

There's a lot of things I want.  But there's a ton of things I've been blessed to have or experience.  NONE without asking.  Or effort on my part, you can guarantee that honey.  When I am gone with the wind fabulous in life or work, I never feel like I stumbled upon this.  I always feel like I asked for it :)

If you can't ask your husband, your boss or your friends for what your heart desires in life, then ask the universe.  Ask your spiritual leader, Buddha, God, whatever your spirit calls for... BUT JUST ASK.

The way I live my life isn't the way everyone wants to live.  It's my experience and my journey, but this is the life I know... and I promise to grab every opportunity and try and make it everything I want.

Child- life cannot and will not give you what you want without the simple task of asking. 

Questioning it ALL,


Thursday, November 7, 2013


I want to share a few things that have really hit home with me in the last few weeks. 

The negativity has been LOUD the lately.  I'm not going to give it much energy or attention, that only feeds it... makes it bigger... gives it strength;  In which of course it does not deserve.  I read a quote today that helped me put things into perspective (you know I love me some perspective)....

Listen to your heart. Follow its prompting. Honor what you feel and act accordingly. People can convince us that we are what we are not, and lead us to believe that we are not what we are. Be able to identify your original thoughts from those you have adopted. Trust that you can have an original thought and act upon it even when others are not pleased by what you are doing.


The only relationship we can have in this life is the relationship we have with ourselves. We cannot love anybody more than we love ourselves. We cannot treat anyone any better than we treat ourselves. When you forget you, give up on you, or devalue yourself, anyone coming into your life has a universal responsibility to follow your lead.

....and as an end result, EVERYTHING is ALWAYS ok.  Everything.  No matter what the negative noise is.  No matter what insecurity someone else is projecting onto you to try and bring you into their circle of unhappiness..... Your chest should always remind you that you are ok.  Because you are listening to your heart... despite... despite it all. And you are loving yourself.  Allowing yourself to be WHO.YOU.ARE. 

My friend and I always say, DO YOU. #nike

It's the most incredible, simple, encouraging, rewarding life lesson we can learn.  I encourage you to not waste your life and learn it too late.  Be great.  Be great now.  Be confident, and above all, always intrinsically follow your gut.  Your instinct is your pathway to Gods voice.  No one knows better than Him.

I leave you with this:  people will always treat you how you let them.  Be strong.  Demand greatness.  When someone shows you who they are my friends, BELIEVE them.

#nike #doinit