Friday, October 18, 2013

Look at yo'self

How do you measure yourself??

What I know for sure is that most of us allow society to be our beacon system. We allow TV, who we work with, our friends, our family, define when and where we should be in our lives.  The most ironic thing is... we are all on our own path.  We are all having our own experience.   And everyone is on a different learning curve than the next.   The best part about it.... is that we GAIN.  We GROW.

How do you measure others?

Think about it.... Think about that person that you know at work.  Or that you subtly know in your group of friends.  I mean, they are sub par at best.  And when you actually think about it, if they weren't there, it may be easier.  Because to be honest, they get on your nerves.  They irritate you.  They make your life difficult. 

Time goes by.

And then one day you learn something about them.  Something personal.  And you think... huh.  That changes my perspective of them.  That allows my point of reference to expand and give them more of the benefit of the doubt.

What if.......

Everyone had their own experiences?  and if you knew every ones perspective, life journey.... you would think differently?  Well, that IS the case. With every single person you encounter. 

So just look at yo'self.

Don't look at them when you are struggling with how they are.  Or how they've been.  And as a matter of fact... don't look at anyone else when someone is making you feel uncomfortable.  Get ahold of yourself and realize that it's YOU that are making yo'self uncomfortable.  And it's for a reason.  A lesson, a perspective.... or just simple to give you a bit of humble pie.  Know for sure that this is the journey you were meant to travel.  Whether it is the one that others are on or not.  Whether it is one others can relate to or not.  Irrelevant. 

What matters most is how you look inward.  In every situation.  Projecting your shi* onto me my friend, just ain't right. 

The most interesting, fun, exhilarating part of this journey is simply looking at ourselves. Sometimes looking back to see how far you've come.  Brushin' yo shoulders off and allowing YO'SELF to be happy.  Allow yourself to be free from all of the pressure that you and others put on those shoulders

I believe the key to this is vulnerability.  Comfort in it.

If you can find comfort in vulnerability.... you can find comfort in anything.

Iyanla said :The only walls in your life are the ones that you have built yourself. Clear your mind of clutter, congestion and conflict. Free your mind of unproductive, nonessential thoughts about yourself and your life.

You heard her.

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"The greatness of a man's power, is the measure of his surrender."- William Booth

Looking at myself....

Hossy the Bossy