Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What are you TRULY committed to?

I am going to steal a quote from Hannah Brencher- a young blogger who has become extremely successful and is wonderfully thought provoking:

"I guess I’m now starting to understand why commitment seems a little jacked up and flimsy in the world today. Because real commitment– hands all in with no hope of turning outward– is not always the picture-perfect, edited thing you’d thought it would be. A lot of times it’s tears. And it’s telling yourself you will get through something, even when you aren’t so sure that you will. And it’s lacing up your boots to get through these battlefields that seek to own you with doubt and insecurity and hopelessness. "

It seems with so many distractions, technology specifically- there are so many reasons not to be committed.  Not to go through the motions of staying, wherever it is, for whoever it is- through the hard parts.  Have you been through anything in life that had actual substance that was easy??  Nothing is easy.  Life is what you make of it right? 

Work is a commitment, it's certainly not always a walk in the park, but you stay.  The reward is that they pay you.  Relationships are a commitment.  They aren't easy and typically they try every single part of you that you didn't even know existed.  But they reward you with love, fulfillment, companionship, and worth.  Every commitment has a pay off.  And it can get exhausting while climbing the hill of adversity......But when you get to the top of that hill.... it's oh so rewarding.  Ms. Brencher is right when she says at the top of the hill is JOY JOY JOY and Hallelujah!  You cannot experience the joy, if you do not stay the course- of anything difficult you face.  Looking back at the top of the staris that you climbed is the exhilarating reason you climb them....

People are getting married less and less. Later in life....It's so easy to shut down.  Shut off.  Transition to something easier.  Put the What IF portion of your emotions on repeat.  Tricking yourself into thinking there is always something better waiting.  Bigger.  More worth it.  Something that will constantly full fill you every second of the day.  It ain't gonna happen my friends.  Ask anyone who's in a long term relationship or married.  Ups, downs, and everything in between.  That is the definition of commitment. 

The next time you want to run- from whatever is challenging you to be better.  Be bigger. Be tolerant- STAY.  She puts it so much more eloquently than I do... but I have to say I envy her vision at such a young age.  It took me a really long time to come to that realization, a really long road of lessons learned the hard way.  I'm not married.  I don't have children.  But I welcome the expected anticipation of the commitment it requires.  I've done a lot and learned a lot and anyone who knows me knows that my commitment to them is real.  If I am your friend, your confidant- I am committed to you.  I'll stay.

Can you say the same?

Looking forward to looking back,


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